Gourmet Blueberry California

McFarland, California,USA

Gourmet Blueberry California


Harvest: April – June

In 2008, Gourmet Trading purchased 50 hectares of blueberries located near the town of Shafter, California. If you’re headed up the Central Valley north on Highway 99 from Los Angeles to Fresno, you’ll pass Shafter after Bakersfield and before you reach Delano. The farm, known as Gourmet Blueberry California, is nestled between pistachio, pomegranate and citrus orchards. In 2015 Gourmet purchased an additional 20 hectares and now boasts a total of 70 hectares.

The berries we cultivate here are varieties that are extremely large and flavorful. The farm has some of the earliest production in California, so we can meet the demand of our customers who are eager for blueberry season to start.