Social Responsibility

Chris Martin

Chris Martin hanging out with the kids at the Los Castillos school in 2010.


Los Castillos, Peru

Cultivating the community

In today’s global economy, cultivating products and getting them to market affects all parties involved. That’s why we do things to support the people of Ica, Peru, the region where we grow the majority of our asparagus. Besides playing an important role in the local economy, we’ve made a commitment to the education of the children of our employees, focusing our efforts in the village of Los Castillos, where many of them live. By improving the infrastructure of the school and helping to meet some of the children’s basic needs like clothing and school supplies, we’re creating an environment that nurtures learning. As a company that’s in the business of making things grow, investing in the children of our workers is an investment in the future—ours and theirs.