Purple Asparagus Facts

Storage and handling tips

Purple Asparagus

1.    Asparagus is best cooked the day it’s purchased, but it can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week
2.    Remove the rubber bands right away, as they make the spears sweat and spoil more quickly
3.     Trim about an inch from the stem end, wash the spears and pat dry with paper towels
4.    Stand the stalks upright in a glass with a few inches of water as you would a vase of fresh-cut flowers; this allows them to retain their flavor and texture longer than if you simply store them in the refrigerator or leave them out on the counter
5.     Cover the spears loosely with a plastic bag to help retain moisture

Our Gourmet Trading Company packaging is specially engineered to maintain freshness. Store asparagus in the original bag to extend shelf life and preserve the flavor.