Beringer Wine and Gourmet Trading Company team up to promote multi-color Asparagus sales

Gourmet Trading Company, the dominant supplier of fresh asparagus to North America, has teamed up with Beringer Wines for a promotion during the coming holiday season.  

The Beringer Million Meal Campaign is a promotional holiday neck tag featured on select Beringer wine bottles that includes holiday recipe ideas, tips for hosting a charity dinner and coupons. From October 1st through December 31st 250,000 neck tags will be distributed to various retailers across North America.

The neck tag includes a coupon for Gourmet Trading Company asparagus, “Buy two pounds of green, white, or purple Gourmet asparagus and get $1 off “. This coupon gives retailers the opportunity to increase sales of all three colors of Gourmet Trading Company fresh asparagus.

Julia Inestroza, Marketing Director at Gourmet Trading Company, stated “With the holidays upon us, this is the perfect opportunity to drive sales in the produce section through purchases in the wine section.  As asparagus is a staple at the holiday dinner table for many families, this coupon will further entice them to try the white and purple varieties as well.”

Gourmet Trading Company green, white, and purple asparagus in combination with Beringer wine will drive total store sales for the holidays thanks to the Beringer Million Meal Campaign’s coupons for holiday meal components as well as recipe ideas.

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