Brian Miller Appointed President of Gourmet Trading Company

Gourmet Trading Company announces that Brian Miller has been appointed as its President. Following the unexpected passing of Chris Martin, former CEO and President, Brian has taken on an increased leadership role within the company.

Paul Martin, Chris’ brother and owner of Gourmet Trading Company stated, “Brian has been a member of the Gourmet Trading Company family for 12 years. His hard work, dedication and loyalty have played a key role in the success and tremendous growth that Gourmet has seen in the past 10 years. During the past 6 years Chris had taken Brian under his wing and helped him develop the skills to become the leader he is today. Now that we enter into this new chapter in Gourmet’s history I am confident that Brian will lead the Gourmet team to further growth and success.”

Brian stated, “While the circumstances are less than ideal, it is with great pride and honor that I accept this new position as President of Gourmet Trading Company. I feel lucky to have worked for Chris for 12 years, thankful to have learned so much from him, and I look forward to continuing his legacy through the continued growth and success of Gourmet Trading Company.”

Prior to being appointed to President, Brian served as Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, and Salesperson for Gourmet Trading Company.

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