Gourmet Trading Company Announces Luciano Fiszman’s Promotion to Procurement Manager During Chile Blueberry Season

Gourmet Trading Company announced today that Luciano Fiszman has been promoted to Procurement Manager during the company’s Chilean blueberry season. Following the unexpected passing of Chris Martin, former CEO and President, the company has undergone restructuring which first began with the appointment of Brian Miller to President.

In his new position Fiszman, an Argentina native, supervises the company’s North and South American Blueberry operation along with all South American Asparagus endeavors. Luciano Fiszman’s direct supervisor, Scott Hulsey the Vice President of Procurement, stated “Luciano is a dedicated member of our team. Since 2006 he has been a key part of creating our South American Blueberry program. He has helped us become the first distributor to commercially import blueberries from Peru. We’re excited for him to manage procurement for our year-round South American Asparagus Program out of Peru and Ecuador.”

Prior to meeting Chris Martin and joining the Gourmet Trading Company family Fiszman had a career in academia as a professor’s assistant working on the development of Argentinean Blueberries in an international and national level. Over the last 7 years Luciano Fiszman has held the roles of Production Manager and South America Blueberry Procurement at Gourmet Trading Company prior to his promotion to Procurement Manager.

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