Gourmet Trading Company Launches Shelf Life, Flow Wrapped Asparagus in Compostable Tray

Gourmet Trading Company is debuting its new tray and flow- wrapped asparagus product. The packaging features a new modern, yet natural, look that should garner a positive response from consumers. The new pack is state-of-the-art, extending shelf life–ensuring the product is at its freshest– all while having a natural, eco-friendly look and feel. This product is the next step in the evolution of the fresh asparagus category.

The tray, available in any size ranging from 8oz – 1lb, is made of a 100% compostable fiber. A compostable PLA film is used, as well.

“This new asparagus product is perfect for the next generation of consumers who are concerned about getting not only the freshest asparagus possible, but are also looking for a pack that is pleasing to the eye and easy on the environment.” stated Julia Inestroza, Gourmet Trading Company Marketing Director.

Chloé Varennes, Marketing Manager, also mentioned “We suggest displaying Gourmet Trading Company tray asparagus in the refrigerated section of the fresh produce department or in the fresh-cut section to maximize sales to those customers specifically looking for a product like this. Also, to increase efficiency, the tray asparagus can be packed in our awarding two piece display ready box, saving retailers time and money.”

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