Convenient Pre-Peeled Fresh White Asparagus Introduced to Market by Gourmet Trading Company

Gourmet Trading Company, the leading supplier of fresh asparagus in North America, has introduced a new product, Peeled Fresh White Asparagus, which is to hit select grocery stores Mid-February. This unique product comes pre-peeled and bagged for added convenience and harvest fresh taste.

White asparagus is a premium vegetable, popular in Europe, that comes from the same plant as green asparagus. The only difference between the two vegetables is that white asparagus is grown underground. White asparagus can have a bitter taste therefore it is recommended that it peeled before cooking. Gourmet Trading Company hopes that its new product will make cooking white asparagus easier for time sensitive consumers who still want a gourmet side dish.

Marketing Director, Julia Inestroza stated “It’s exciting to roll out a new product that truly is a valuable extension of the asparagus category. We feel that this product has the capability to revolutionize the white asparagus category due to the fact that it takes all the work out of it for our customers. Now, white asparagus can be used out of the bag just as green asparagus is currently used.”

Peeled Fresh White Asparagus comes in 9oz, 1lb and 1.5lb bags which will begin to be available in Mid-February. A full roll out of the new product will arrive just in time for Easter dinner.

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