Gourmet Trading Company Expands SuperBlues™ for the Upcoming Blueberry Season

California blueberry season is set to begin in April and Gourmet Trading Company, a grower of fresh blueberries, is excited to start harvesting its farm in Delano, California. The company is especially excited about the new clamshell weights for their SuperBlues™ the super big blueberries with twice the size and crunch of a regular blueberry.

Gourmet Trading Company had to change the weights of their SuperBlues™ clamshells to allow more room for the super-sized blueberries.

Julia Inestroza, Gourmet Trading Company Marketing Director, stated “The new clamshell weights will make SuperBlues™ more affordable giving more people the chance to explore the different serving possibilities of these super sweet, super crunchy berries. SuperBlues™ can be used for snacking, simple desserts or breakfast recipes. Their extravagant size allows them to replace grapes in certain recipes. This spring use SuperBlues™ instead of olives for a unique twist on traditional cocktails.”

Gourmet Trading Company California blueberries will be available in the following packs: 12×4.4oz, 12x6oz, 8x18oz, 12x1pint, 12x24oz and 12x32oz. While their Super Sized, Super Crunchy counterpart will be available in 12x4oz, 12x5oz, 12x10z, and 8x16oz packs.

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